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United States
Akashic Records LLC

Email:  breaknecktrent@gmail.com
Phone:  5158038248

I can show you how to dive into FL Studio and get you started on the right track to express your musical ideas.

United States
Albright College

Email:  mderrico@albright.edu
Phone:  610-921-7268

Courses: Introduction to Music Technology, Recording Technology, and Music Production.

Applied lessons in Music Production are offered to majors in the Music Industry Studies program. Instructor expertise includes FL Studio 20.

Many of the student producers associated with the college record label, Lion Records, compose using FL Studio.

United States
Producer's University
Little Elm

Email:  contact@producersuniversity.com
Phone:  +1(214)202-8124
Media: facebook.com/producersuniversity, instagram.com/producersuniversity, youtube.com/channel/UCOueH35rdc87IHO9sDjv09Q

We take up and coming producers through the FL Studio interface and teach them mixing, EQ, compression, plugins, composing, layering, side-chaining, automations, and vocals. We also teach techniques to create energy through tension and release in your tracks.

Music Loop Limited

Email:  zmloop@gmail.com
Phone:  +260968726045
Media: @zmloop

We are currently offering courses in Music Production, Mixing and Mastering, Music Business and Instruments. We have plans in the pipeline to also begin an Audio Recording course. We will in the near future also introduce a course in creative composition.

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