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Image-Line technical support is available on-line only. The Knowledge Base lists the most commonly asked questions.  If you have a technical question that isn't answered in the documents below, please log into your Image-Line Account, then post on our Techsupport forum.  Our support staff are spread around the world, so you can expect a response within a few hours.

Contact our developers.

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Getting Started Manual
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video tutorials
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* To have full read and posting options, you need to have bought one of our products and register it online.

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Music production:
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We're sorry but we can't support the trial version.
Please assume that it works: there are 30.000 trial downloads a day, so the slightest bug is reported minutes after it's discovered.

Use the online help, knowledge base (FAQ) or read the readme.doc.

General enquiries about our products, ordering, personal 'my account' page questions.

Lost your registration? want to know why your order is not processed?
Basic questions about products, no technical information can be given.

Existing customer
you own / registered our software

Questions about:
orders, registration, e-mail change,
invoice, re-installation,
product access, ...

Sign in to your 'my account' page.
Use a support ticket (private messaging)

In that way our administrative staff has
all your details available for review right away.
It allows us to answer you fast.

No technical questions can be answered.
Please use the forum.

support ticket has same day or next morning answering
(at weekends - monday morning EU time)

ONLY use this method if you can NOT access
your 'my account' page anymore.

Registration recovery contact
(no support questions please)

e-mail form, low priority answering (next 4 days)

New customers
no software owned

Questions about:
features, licenses,
payment options, orders,
demo installation, ...

You don't want to / can not create a support ticket?
Use this general request form:

Pre-order contact
(no support questions please)

e-mail form, low priority answering (next 4 days)

Specific questions for our administration:

   Your school or organization wants
   10 or more licenses

   Contact our web master
   (not for 'my account' access/registration problems)

Report abuse
   Help us protect your investment by informing us
   about unofficial distributed software.

   You want to distribute/resell our products
   in your country:

   You have a new plugin created, are a power user,
   want to promote our software locally, ...

   (no registration or support questions please)
   You already tried all other options listed above.