FL Studio comes in four levels:
Fruity Edition is limited (see below). Producer Edition unlocks all core features. Plugins are not 'core' features. Signature and FL Studio + All Plugins Bundle unlock additional plugins.
All Plugins Bundle
Download Version (including Lifetime Free Updates)

* download version, to buy Box Version look for official reseller near you. FL Studio + ALL Plugin Bundle not available as box.
** price depends on plugins you own and will be calculated once you add this upgrade to your cart.


Ideal for...
Basic melody & loops creation
Full song creation & mic recording
Full song creation & extra plugins
Complete access all unlocked
Playlist Features

Effects Plugins

Inputs & Outputs / Connectivity

Directsound support
ASIO (includes ASIO4ALL)
103 external audio Inputs
103 external audio Outputs
Render to .WAV, .MP3, .OGG
Export mixer stems
ReWire Support (client and host) #
FL Studio can be used as a VST client
Reads different file formats

.AIFF, .DS, .DS, .DWP, .FLAC, .MID, .MP3, .OGG, .SF2, .Speech, .SYN, .XI, .WAV files

VST 1, 2 & 3 Instruments/Effects (Windows)
VST 1, 2 & 3 Instruments/Effects / AU (macOS)
Elastique time stretching
Instrument & Generator Plugins

DrumSynth Live
Midi Support

Import / Export MIDI Files
Keyboards and Controller input
MIDI SysEx & MMC functions
Mixer and FX Rack

125 Insert / Send Tracks
10 FX Slots per Track
Included Content

Copyright Free Samples
Drums, Cymbals, Hats, Kicks, Percussion, Snares, Toms

*³ Available as 32 Bit only
*° FL plugin version only. Buy VST separate.

VSTi plugin versions that work in any VST host program outside of FL Studio, can be purchased in a separate pack or as individual plugin registrations. Except for the ALL Plugin Bundle package, where all plugin versions are included. Some of these plugins do not have a VST version available.

*² FL plugin version only. Buy VST in Juice Pack.

These plugins are included in all Editions as FL plugin. They only work inside FL Studio. VSTi plugin versions that work in any VST host program outside of FL Studio, can be purchased as part of Juice Pack.

# Available in FL Studio for Windows ONLY

This function is only available in FL Studio under Windows.

No FL Studio macOS version is available yet.
This fuction could be under development, or might not be available at all.
Please check our Windows vs. Mac page for details.

Included / Not Included in Edition
  • NOT Included in Edition
  • Included in Edition
FL Studio Fire Edition

FL Studio Fire Fruity Edition is equivalent to Fruity Edition, with the additional requirement, you need to have an AKAI Fire controller connected to unlock the program. Check our Fire Instructions page at the support menu > knowledge base for details.


Help me selecting the right FL Studio Edition.

Try before you buy!

We believe you should test everything FL Studio and plugins have to offer before you hand over any money, and for as long as you want. For that reason the download FL Studio installer gives you Signature Bundle plus most of our additional plugin instruments & effects in a single installer. So keep an eye on the features and plugins that you are using. If you are unsure, click on the feature/plugin and press the F1 key. The help will open and let you know what edition it’s included in (if at all). Trial limitations are few:

You can save projects (for later when you buy FL Studio & plugins), record/render   audio and use every feature and plugin in the installer has, if you had bought the lot.
You can’t fully load projects you have saved until you purchase FL Studio and any extra-purchase plugins the trial project contain.
It’s a single download. When you decide to buy, you have already downloaded every instrument you have trialed. Just get your registration key (a few kb) from your account and install it and those features and or plugins will be unlocked from the trial installer. It also means you can manage all your Image-Line software with a single registration key, easy!

NOTE: You may upgrade from one edition to the next at any time, although it’s more cost effective to buy the highest version you will ultimately need (check the shop for upgrade pricing).

Benefits of ownership

Lifetime FREE updates – Via download, of the FL Studio version you buy. Never pay for program updates again!
Access to help and support – Access to our helpful support, user forums and preset download forums.
Download it all anywhere any time – Download everything you own any time any where you have access to the Internet. Total software backup security.
Interact with the program developers & support development – Talk to the Image-Line development team online and be the first to try out products in development and suggest features & changes.
Install on all the computers you own - We are reasonable chaps here at Image-Line, we allow you to install a copy of FL Studio and plugins (for your personal use) on all the PCs you use.