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how they got involved in music and how they use FL Studio.

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To start off, just for the record, how did you come up with the name Little Brother?

The name Little Brother was just, um, it just means, the artists we grew up listening to, you know, I'm saying the Tribe, De La, P.E., you know what I'm saying… they were like our big brothers in the game so now we are the little brothers of that movement. They were like our big brothers in the game, now they got a little brother following in their footsteps and carrying on the tradition of good music.

It says in your bio that the three of you met in 1998 while attending North Carolina Central University. How exactly did you guys discover that you all had that mutual passion for hip-hop?

Just from hanging out, you know what I'm saying? I met 9th (Wonder) in '98 and he was carrying a Source magazine, and so I asked to see it. We were just looking at it and saw that we liked a lot of the same cats so we just formed a bond from there. A couple of weeks later I met (Big) Pooh, you know what I'm saying, and I spit a rhyme that I had written earlier that day and he thought it was dope so we just hooked up from there. And basically, you know, just a friendship-type thing where we just shared a common interest.

Okay, well being relatively new to the scene, what do you feel Little Brother has to offer to modern-day hip-hop?

Um, I think the main thing we have to offer is just straight, no-frills music, you know what I'm saying? We are the exact same people that you hear about on record, that you hear on the album. We're the exact same people; you know what I'm saying? We're just trying to have fun, you know? We're just real down to earth so we try to put that in our music. We take our music, but we don't take ourselves seriously, you know what I'm saying? I think a lot of the problem with hip-hop is like, cats they really take it too seriously and don't really have no fun with it, so we just want to bring some fun back to the game.

Definitely, that's long overdue. How would you describe Little Brother's style to those who may never have heard of you?

Soulful. You know what I'm saying? Funky. And fun. Just those three words. A lot of "underground" rap I think is just kinda soulish; you know what I'm saying? It's like there's a lot more style… well not necessarily style, but more technique over emotion, you know what I'm saying? A lot of mother fuckers out there can rap, and can say dope shit, but you know, there's no real emotion behind it. So with us, we just wanna bring the soul back into it, you know? The meaning of the music. Having soulful music and soulful production, and also just soulful rhymes. You know, meaning you listen to our rhymes and you hear us as people, you know what I'm saying? It's like, 'Ok, I get it.' You walk away from the album with a better understanding of who Pooh and Phonte are as people. So that's how I would describe our sound.

That's dope. How do you feel about the whole "ATCQ comparisons" and "save hip hop" labels people are placing on you?

It's cool. I mean, you know. A lot of people think it puts pressure on you or whatever, but you know, we just gonna keep doing the music we gotta do, you know what I'm saying? And you know, whatever people want to call it, it's cool. As far as the Tribe comparisons, we welcome that because you know Tribe was a big part of our foundation. We grew up listening to that shit, you know what I mean? So uh, you know, it's fine. We don't have a problem with it. As long as I'm being compared to legends, then fuck it, you know what I mean?

Yeah I feel ya. So who else are you feeling out of North Carolina that won't spin a shirt over their head like a helicopter?

I like Petey (Pablo). People kinda get the wrong idea, but I mean I do actually like Petey, you know what I'm saying? He's got a good club style of rap. He's a funny mother fucker too; you're gonna have to interview him or whatever, or meet him. He's a funny ass dude. He adds a lot of personality to the game. So I fuck with Petey. Also, of course our team the Justus League, that goes without saying. My man Supastition. He's real dope, he's got a record out.

Yeah, 7 Years of Bad Luck.

Yeah, 7 Years of Bad Luck. He's real dope.

What would you say your biggest challenge was, trying to put this album out?

The biggest challenge, I guess, was… I don't know. As far as putting it out, I mean, we can't really say there was a challenge because from the jump, our overall plan was, 'yo, we're gonna do this ourselves,' you know? We turned the album in to ABB; it was done. By the time ABB came and hollered at us, the album had been done for like 3-4 months already, you know what I'm saying? So it wasn't really a challenge in getting it out, thank God. Luckily, we found a label that believed in our vision and wasn't asking us to compromise nothing because we damn sure weren't gonna compromise nothing, you know? The album's done, motherfucker, this is it. So we found a label that believed in that and we didn't really have a problem with getting it out. Doing the album was a lot of work, but getting it out wasn't too bad.

Alright, so production-wise, I gotta say that 9th Wonder is absolutely incredible. I know he relies heavily on computers to create beats, but specifically, what equipment/programs does he use to produce?

The programs we use are Cool Edit Pro and FL Studio. Those are the two programs that we use, and that's what we did the whole album on.

Personally speaking, I think regardless of what you create beats on, it's the finished product that really matters, and The Listening's is absolutely incredible. But what do you have to say to people out there that are quick to criticize computer-generated beats?

Yeah… All beats are computer generated, man, you know what I'm saying? 9th had caught some slack from motherfuckers who are like, 'Oh, he's on a computer,' you know. Man, all beats are computer-generated, nigga. Unless you playing every goddamn instrument by hand, and you know, playing bongos and shit, all beats are computer-generated. An MPC is just a computer in a box, you know what I'm saying? The SP1200 is just a computer in a box. It has a hard drive, it has memory, you know what I'm saying? So that's the thing. The only thing that matters is the end product. When I first met 9th and found out that he made beats on the computer, I was more amazed than anything. I was just like, 'I just wanna see how you do it.' And then I saw how he did it and I was like, 'Yo man, stick with what you do.' You know? As long as me and Pooh, as long as we believe in his beats then other cats can say whatever the fuck they wanna say.

Alright, cool. On a lighter tip, I'm gonna play a little word association game with you right now.

50 cent.

50 cent? Hilarious. Fucking funny. Very entertaining.


Underground? Uh… overrated! [laughs]

Alright. Commercial.

Commercial? Uh… underrated! Hell, fuck it! [Laughs]

Okay. Joe Millionaire.

Joe Millionaire? Dry as fuck! I mean, come on, man! That dude's personality? Come on, man! That nigga has the charisma of a fucking brick, man!

[Laughs] Yeah, I feel ya. Dumb as hell, man.

You know who I really liked? That Melissa girl. She had a great smile, great personality. My God, that shit sucked. That shit sucked so bad.

Okay… Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez? Fat ass. Hell, what else is there? Don't sing! How about that? Stop singing! Stop singing, stop acting, just… yo… you know what I'm saying? Just be a goddamn booty dancer.

Yeah I feel ya.

Joe got Mike shook out there in the game, that's all it is. You know it's the real deal when one nigga get beat and the whole house collapses!


Eminem? He's a dope emcee. Dope.

Little Brother.

Little Brother? Uh… disposable. We'll be gone in a year. One-hit wonders.

Oh come on!

I'm serious. I'm dead serious.

You really think that? Why is that? I mean, with all the attention… and your album's not even out yet…

In a year it's gonna be over, man. We already got it planned out. We already got our behind-the-music joint planned out. You know what I'm saying? In another year we're gonna quit due to creative differences. 9th is gonna go on to produce gospel plays, Big Pooh is gonna become a Mormon, and fucking, you know, I'm gonna direct pornographic films. That's basically the plan. Little Brother's gonna be over in a year tops. Enjoy The Listening cuz that's it. It's over. [laughs]

You know I'm gonna see you blowing up in a year and I'll have words with you!

Yeah, yeah, you can talk to me about it. It's cool.

Can we expect any videos from you guys?

Uh, I don't know. Honestly, we probably won't have any videos for this first record. I don't know, of course, that changes. As of right now, no.

Anything you want to say to FANS!

Anything I want to say to fans? Uh, thank you so much for supporting us, you know what I'm saying. We really appreciate it. Thanks for listening. Buy the album. If you got a copy of the album, buy another copy for the car. If you got a copy for the car, buy another copy for the bathroom. Got one for the car and bathroom, buy one for the living room. You know what I'm saying? Buy some copies, pass them out to some little kids, you know what I'm saying… on the street. Just keep supporting us. As long as you keep supporting us we'll keep making dope shit. Thanks a lot for the support, we really appreciate it. We feel blessed.

Alright, and you know I'll be talking to you again next year!

I'm telling you, in a year it's gonna be over! Like I said, 9th is gonna produce gospel plays. He's currently talking to Alexander O'Neil to star in a gospel play. And then, uh, Pooh, he's gonna do some charity work at the prison for the blind. And it's over. And I will go on to produce pornographic films! Like I said! And Little Brother will be done!

You gonna play hip-hop in your films?

Yeah! The first one I'm starring in is gonna be Mighty Joe Hung. That's gonna be my first joint. Then Forest Hump, that's gonna be my second. Then it's gonna be a trilogy… the third one's just gonna be called The Firm. Just Firm. Firm. Yeah, nigga. That's what I'm gonna do. Then we're gonna do a throwback joint on DVD called Bone With The Wind. 'Oh yeah, Scarlet.. Smack my ass, Scarlet! Just tickle my balls right now, just tickle them with a feather.' [Laughs] Are you recording that all on tape, yo?

Uh… do you want it to be?

You gonna sell it on E-Bay or something?

Definitely. Infomercials and all. 900 numbers.

Yeah, no doubt.




Diviners (Kamil & Kamil)
"FL Studio is really great, intuitive and quick to use program..."
Atmozfears (Tim van de Stadt)
"I owe everything I have done so far to this program..."
Tobu (Toms Burkovskis)
"There's absolutely one thing FL Studio shines for. It's the piano roll and the overall workflow..."
Jonas Aden
"I've been using FL Studio for as long as I can remember, and it's still my go-to DAW. It's quick, easy to use and it gets the job done."
Anna Mia
"FL Studio is easy to handle and you can concentrate on the creative part."
"FL studio is the engine that powers my passion and music, I wouldn’t enjoy making music as much as I do without it."
"I love how quickly I can translate an idea from my mind to my computer almost instantaneously using FL Studio."
Greg Gontier
"To my productions, Image Line’s FL Studio means speed, and it means a tool with a range of possibilities so wide I know I will never stop learning."
Simon Servida
"it is so easy to translate musical ideas from my head into FL Studio"
Prince Kaybee
"FL Studio means a lot to my music because if it wasn’t for it I wouldn’t be a professional artist"
"I started using FL studio when I was like 9 years old. I played around with a few more DAWs since then but nothing stuck"
The Good Perry
"Most of the time it's just me and FL Studio and then I'm gone"
Sid De La Cruz
"FL Studio means the world to me. It is my command center. Anything I do with music comes in and out of FL Studio."
"FL studio ... changed my life in a radical way, and for that I will always be grateful."
PooBon (Pourya)
"FL studio ... teaches you how to be creative"
"FL Studio ... is so super-fast and easy"
Matthew Pablo
"FL Studio is the easiest and quickest way to express your creativity"
"[FL Studio] is really easy to get creative very quickly"
T-Minus (Tyler Williams)
"[FL Studio] means everything to my production process"
Chris Schweizer
"I started using FL Studio back when I was young and I loved it from the very first moment"
Murda Beatz (Shane)
"I love my Fl studio it has the best sound engine for drums and my drums are what carries my production"
Asher Postman
"It took me a minute to adjust to the unique layout, but I quickly fell in love with it. I have NEVER been limited using FL Studio..."
Busy Works Beats (Game)
"I love FL Studio. It literally allowed me to express my musical talent and give me a chance to run with the pros."
Stephen Voyce
"There is no lag between what idea I have running in my mind to seeing it actually laid down"
Dion Timmer
"I still use Harmor and Sytrus for about 90% of my synthesizing. They have a unique sound and run super smooth..."
"I tried a lot of music production programs back then, but nothing has gotten me as excited as FL Studio"
Chris James
"(FL Studio) It means a lot to me that it allows me to make my own workflow"
Sonus (Sonu Lal)
"I was bowled over by it and no one could get me off the computer"
Mike Maven
"I've never been able to get Ideas from my head into a DAW as fast as I do with FL Studio"
Chuki Beats
FL Studio and my favourite VSTs is all I need
Owen Norton
"I really like how fast the piano roll is, making it really easy to draw in a melody I have in my head"
"Whether it’s a sound design for film or music production I use FL Studio, because it has all I need."
Eminence (Dillon & Kaz)
"It has the most beautiful and efficient piano roll I've ever worked with...FL Studio will forever be our DAW of choice!"
"FL Studio has the best tools for creating my best workflow in the studio ever"
"FL was the one DAW which was best at visualizing music production and all it's processes"
"FL Studio is vast as the universe, is the place where I can express my imagination without limitations"
Curbi (Toby)
"Over the years I tested other DAWs, but always returned to FL for the sake of workflow efficiency and creativity. FL is perfect for my productions, I pretty much know FL inside out..."
Owsey (Owen Ferguson)
"Over the years I tested other DAWs, but always returned to FL for the sake of workflow efficiency and creativity. "
"[FL Studio]...blew my mind how you could make a drum pattern within seconds."
Badd Dimes
"[FL Studio]...improves the quality of my tracks and it cleares my mind..."
In the Mix (Michael Wynne)
"FL Studio is at the core of everything I do."
Jason Taylor (Aether)
"I'm so familiar with it at this point, it's a powerhouse for getting my ideas down."
Sandro Silva
"...it is so much easier for me to put ideas on the computer, and finish tracks much faster than I did before."
Alex Moukala
"FL Studio is a godsend as it allows you to write music tremendously fast, even with just a keyboard and mouse,"
"After I put some music online and got a great response, I started to make music in FL Studio on daily basis"
Groundbreaking (Sean H)
"from first glance at the piano roll to the playlist, I knew I had been introduced to something special"
Draft (Liam Tallon)
"free lifetime updates, and unrivalled forum interaction felt like home to me"
Maddix (Pablo Rindt)
"During the years I have tried out some other DAWs but always came back to FL"
Lex Luger
"...my Love for music and FL studio being my pen to the paper I get to tell my story and show the world my vision."
Daniel Ferri
"I was immediately hooked and shortly started using FL Studio not just for fun but for my job"
CloZee (Chloé Herry)
"I do everything with FL: recording, production, sound design, mastering"
Bounce Inc. (Max & Hubert)
"after all these years we still discover new abilities"
Eric Kauffmann
"FL Studio is like this magical universe where I get lost every day, I wish that my ears could just keep going all day without needing a rest"
Johnny Pepp
"The workflow in FL Studio is very good. I still haven't found out what every button is for, you never stop learning."
The Living Tombstone (Yoav ...
"If it wasn't for the friendly fun approach FL Studio has, I don't think I would have been attracted towards making so much music in the start."
Alvaro (Jasper Helderman)
"Actually I don’t use any hardware at all. With all the plugins nowadays, you can easily create a song"
Grouch (Oscar)
"I love how there are so many different ways to do one thing and how many hidden secrets there are lying beneath the surface"
FL Studios has always been the foundation of my production and how I create my sounds
Matthew Burnett
"The piano roll editor is unprecedented in FL"
"I've produced over 111 Releases from 45 artists on several albums with FL Studio"
"You can do anything with FL Studio"
Tez Cadey
"I’ve tried other DAWs after that but none come close to it in terms of creativity and spontaneity"
"The fact that you can drag and drop Audio files, Automation and MIDI Clips onto the same dashboard is amazing"
Le Youth (Wes James)
"FL Studio is my bridge from an idea to a song"
Yoann Feynman
"FL Studio is like an extension of my brain"
Just a Gent (Jacob Grant)
"You don't have to worry about neatly placing each sound in their own tracks in the playlist, you can just throw it wherever, its great"
MDK (Morgan King)
"It's the perfect balance of a sleek, user-friendly program, and a truly badass piece of audio software."
"The software goes right to the point and every version gets better"
"...all my records, all my productions, everything was made with FL"
"[FL Studio] I got my hands on it and here I am today"
Epikh Pro
"...FL Studio is the main DAW I run everything out of. Wouldn't be where I am without it"
Bombs Away
"FL is almost an extension of our imagination"
BAMBOUNOU (Jérémy Guindo)
"FL Studio is a very approachable and once you start to have a thorough knowledge of it, it is limitless"
Kyle Simmons (A Skylit Drive)
"FL studio really helps me translate my ideas to reality without headache and each version just amazes me"
"...you won't find any other daw with a workflow combined with the stepsequencer and sample browser"
Drumz N' Roses
"The community is big and you will find FL Studio users in every genre"
"If I didn’t have it banvox would have never existed"
"You can learn the use of FL in a short time and work with it up to every level"
Bastian Salbart
"Really love the pattern/clip set up. It's amazing how very simple and intuitive everything is."
Oliver Heldens
"I like how I can draw my idea's in it really quick"
Chris Noxx (from Tha Piece ...
"I found myself glued to FL studio for days at a time"
Andrew Maze
"FL Studio ... can help you to create every kind of music in absolutely every genre, the only limitation is your imagination"
K-391 (Kenneth Nilsen)
"I released a song called 'Electro House 2012' which passed 500k in just some weeks"
Rich Kidd (Ritchie)
"makes the work flow quicker"
Aryay (Mickey Karbal)
"FL means everything for my productions"
Polar Youth (Elisabeth)
"FL Studio means everything to my creativity"
"I've tried other DAWs, but none have suited me like FL Studio, it's something about it"
Heatbeat (Matias & Agustin)
"...we work 100% on FL Studio, we don't even need another software to master the track..."
Arno Cost (Vadim Constantin)
"With FL studio, everything is simple, intuitive but you can also push your mixing, your mastering, your editing very far."
Julian Jordan
"All my tracks are made in FL Studio and I still learn a lot from it"
Mightyfools (Jelle & Andy)
"As both of us know all the ins and outs of the program, a basic beat, sketch, melody or idea is done in minutes"
Billain (Adis Kutkut)
"FL Studio studio is my main operating system for music composition, it is where literally everything happens"
"What I loved the most how intuitive the UI on FL Studio was and the ease of using the Piano roll..."
Tucandeo (Daniel & Kevin)
"FL Studio's slick, easy to use interface was most comfortable for us"
Zardonic (Federico Agreda)
"FL Studio means EVERYTHING to me"
David Morris (Boy 8-Bit, R ...
"The piano roll is miles ahead of any other DAWs out there"
WondaGurl (Ebony Oshunrinde)
"FL means everything to my productions."
SeamlessR (Stephen O'Leary)
"FL Studio is the center of everything I do."
Martin Garrix
"If I have an idea I want to be able to work it out really fast..."
Adam Szabo
"FL Studio popped up. After trying it out, my mind was blown..."
Aura Qualic
"I don't know how you folks at Image-Line made it so good..."
Sarom Soundz
"So you can say right now that FL Studio is my life and the main tool to my livelihood."
Ummet Ozcan
"I don't do any additional processing it's all FL Studio even my mastering."
eoslinz (Lindsay Hawkins)
"The interface made perfect sense to me immediately and allowed me to create music within a matter of hours"
"...once i started getting used to the program, well lets just say that I've never looked back!"
Louis La Roche (Brett Ewels)
"FL Studio: I found my workflow a lot quicker and so I stuck with it
Camo & Krooked (Reinhard & ...
"FL Studio...we have been hooked on it. It’s the only DAW we are using"
Cazzette (Alex & Sebastian)
"The workflow in FL is incredible"
Bare (Sean Rodela)
"There might as well be no BARE if there is no FL"
AaronicStuff (Aaron V)
"[FL Studio] really shows how flexible the software can be"
Savant (Aleksander Vinter)
"I work FAST, FL Studio is the only DAW that can keep up with me."
Maor Levi
"I could never have inspiration that quick if it wasn't for the amazing engine of FL Studio"
BT (Brian Transeau)
"FL is such a fresh approach to composition. It literally blows me away every time I work in it."
Project 46 (Thomas & Ryan)
"It is the cornerstone of our productions and without it we would not be able to make the music we do."
Zeph Ellis
"Perfect tool for producers in my opinion and I’m very proud to be a Poweruser"
Sacco (Matias Monteagudo)
"I have yet to find a software that is as cool and has such a fast workflow as in FL, and believe me I tried everything."
Ronald Jenkees
"...I don't really endorse anything, but spreading the word of FL Studio has been a no-brainer because it's given me so much"
"FL Studio has been the powerhouse behind many of our productions as Tritonal and remains a go-to production tool"
"FL Studio helped us realize our creative potential and hone our skills"
Tom Swoon
"It's so addictive! There's too many awesome features to list"
Marcus D
"A fellow Seattle producer introduced me to FL Studio ... I grew up on the cusp of the digital production age and didn't have the money to buy hardware, so naturally software was my go-to move"
Synthetic Orchestra (Blake ...
"Not only did the patterns in the playlist feel just right, but the piano roll was more powerful than anything I had used before"
Seven Lions
"It has the best work flow and out of any DAW I have used"
"The pattern/clip set up is amazing, I mean 'make unique' is just bliss!"
Phoenix (The Sound Killers)
"It's simple at the end of the day. Everything they [other DAWs] can Do FL can do better"
Naden (Daniel Taranger)
"Ever since i tried fl studio, the program and I just clicked"
"FL Studio has a great environment and makes it so easy to be in touch with the tools"
Indivision (Markus)
"I haven't seen any other sequencer which would help me to lay down my ideas so quickly and simply"
Jayce Lewis
"[FL Studio] really has become a big part of what I am as an artist"
"FL Studio is without a doubt the most important tool in my inventory"
Mick Gordon
"I use it [FL Studio] for scoring, sequencing, designing sounds, and musical sound design. It's just so easy to work with, and work with quickly"
"...with the incredible depth of the software, I never feel like something isn't achievable"
Mehran (Mehran Abbasi)
"My dreams came true when I was introduced to FL Studio. This software has formed a big part of my life & I am so glad because of it I am enjoying my music."
Richy Pena
"Before you know it I was playing the keyboard, recording melodies on to FL Studio and creating songs"
Ephixa (James Leusink)
"I have never left FL because of my love for the piano roll"
Varien (Nick Kaelar)
"I tried other DAWs like Live and Reason, but nothing got my ideas out faster and better than FL Studio"
Boi-1da (Matthew Samuels)
"A friend had told me about FL Studio, I ended up going out and getting a copy of it and using it ever since "
"I loved the user-friendly layout. Just a few months later my tracks were already signed away to labels "
audiopeel (Kieron Gore)
"The fruit however struck a chord. It's interface and workflow, everything seemed logical."
Rodney Anonymous (Dead Mil ...
"I still consider Fruity Loops the most addictive substance I've ever been exposed to"
Cyriak Harris (animator)
"Most of my videos start months before I even realise it. That's when I make the music that will eventually inspire the visuals of the video"
Ajurika (Akitaka Tohyama)
"I am instantly able to achieve the desired result and also to create the sound I am looking for."
"I quickly came to realize how complex and beautiful the program really was"
Andrew Aversa (Zircon)
"Trying to use any other piano roll after working in FL was like having my mouse dipped in molasses"
Hitfinders (Andrew, Luca & ...
"We noticed it [FL Studio] while reading a producers forum, and were instantly hooked"
Pete Marriott
"When I realized how I could use it as a sound design and production tool I became hooked instantly"
The Flashbulb (Benn Jordan)
"Nuendo and Pro Tools wasted a lot of my time, and I started noticing that FL Studio was blossoming"
MdL (Mason Levy)
"FL Studio is the fastest and most inspiring piece of software in my workflow."
Afrojack (Nick van de Wall)
"Don't let people tell you that Logic or other programs are 'superior' "
Feed Me / Spor (Jon Gooch)
"Despite working on other platforms occasionally I still find FL the fastest and most powerful way to get my ideas down."
Porter Robinson
"At first, FL stood out to me just because it was vastly more intuitive and usable...there's way too many awesome FL Studio features to list"
Avicii (Tim Bergling)
"In Memoriam"
Anurag Dixit
"I’ve used every damn thing that can make music, but nothing comes close to FL."
Alex Medina
"I was first drawn to FL Studio's when a friend introduced me to it and taught me how to make hip hop beats. To this day I have used FL Studio..we are one :)"
Matthew Dear
On FL Studio: "It came highly recommended through various artists I'd meet on the road. I finally gave it a shot, and it immediately enhanced my production techniques..."
"It means Everything, without FL i wouldn't be producing."
"When I took a look at a FL demo version in order to understand it, I discovered that it was the software I always had been looking for."
Nely (Arma Secreta)
"For me FL studio is the easiest way to project your ideas and anybody can lay out any musical ideas."
Big Giant Circles (Jimmy H ...
"FL has always been centric to my studio. It's the cornerstone of my creative process"
Jay Frog (ex-Scooter)
"The fact to compose songs and quickly notate ideas on the road within FL Studio was a real innovation for me."
Secret Cinema
"I bumped into Fruityloops at version 3 and Immediately loved it!"
"We are known for having an individual sound to our music and FL Studio has been a key part to shaping that"
Tom Ellard
"It was the Fruity Scratcher that finally convinced me to use FL Studio... It feels like I'm using the hardware but I can save the whole patching system to hard drive."
Jeff Samuel
"Once Fruityloops started to use audio and sampler channels, I switched and never looked back! It was tremendously powerful just with those features but no one really realized it until years later."
Meg Hentges
"FL Studio (plus a wave editor) is the only software I ever use ...and since FL added audio recording, my rack mounted hard disk recorder rarely gets switched on."
Seismic Crew
"I used the demo of FL a lot back before I was making any real money with my music. I had been using the old software drum machine Hammerhead, but FL offered endlessly more flexibility and power."
Toby Emerson
"I found the demo while searching on the internet for a program that I could create drumloops with. I ended up finding FL studio and have been hooked ever since. It is more addictive than crack (not that I have tried that)."
Peter Presta
"A friend of mine introduced me to FL Studio and I instantly fell in love with the sounds you could create as they ALL sounded so BIG. I was Totally Hooked on FL Studio from there!"
Doug Lazy
"... stumbled across FL while surfing. I tried it and immediately Loved it. I was still into hardware at the time but slowly over the last few years have transferred my work to PC exclusively with FLS."
Mark Tinley
On Fl Studio: "It means I can create multi-track drum loops, music loops or even entire songs and dump them straight into Pro Tools for further mixing."
Steve Duda
"FL means a whole lot, if I were restricted to one item of music software on my PC, it would certainly be FL."
Justin Lassen
"Probably around '98, a friend showed me FruityLoops. I just thought it was the coolest piece of software."
Basshunter (Jonas)
"A friend of mine showed me FL Studio when I visited his place for a LAN party, and I got hooked right away."
DeadMau5 (Joel Zimmerman)
"It’s ease of use and fast results are what get the ideas down as fast as they come to my head, and that’s really important for me"
9th Wonder
"The programs we use are Cool Edit Pro and FL Studio. Those are the two programs that we use, and that's what we did the whole album on."
Mike Oldfield
"It is very good to see a product like FL Studio which is available to all and doesn't cost $10000000000 of dollars"